Pike Place Market is one of the most glorious places in Seattle, on a sunny day.It’s nice in the rain but when all the fresh flower vendors come out and the vegetables and fruits are overflowing it is stunning. On the first nice day in March my mom and I made a spontaneous trip to the market. When the sun is out everyone in Seattle is in a good mood. You would think it was 80 degrees out if you were to judge from what people are wearing. It can be very deceiving especially if you assume you can leave the house in a t-shirt to find it is barely 40 degrees. This is why we live in North Faces. We went with the mission of getting little bead stickers for a dinner party my parents were attending later that day. We went into this Indian store and left with what we needed plus curry leaves, a few scarves, pita, and multiple cooking sauces that would be devoured that week.

It was a really special day that felt so quintessentially Seattle. If you ever come to Seattle, the best times of year are the middle to late spring and fall. It is just beautiful.All the rain and gray we have during the winter makes the sunny days so much nicer. Here are a few photos of my Pike Place Excursion!The tulips were gorgeous and just starting to open!

If you are ever in Seattle you must go to the piroshky store, its called Piroshky Piroshky. There always a long line but it is totally worth it. So delicious! Yummm, I wish I had one now!

And all the seafood. I want a lobster, crab, and clams right now!

In no time the weather will be like this for several months!

P.S. I leave today for a trip to Europe with my family! I will be gone for two weeks but I would love some comments to read for when I get back! I will have tons of posts about what we saw! One of my dreams coming true!