I know this is hard to believe but its true. I have been off traveling and am finally in front of my computer again. I was in Fiji for two weeks exploring and doing community service. It was incredible and I have lots of pictures and memories to share from that experience. I learned a lot about myself and traveling from this and I hope to share some of these things soon! In the meantime i have been thinking about my blog… I am wanting to have it designed. I need your help thinking of who I should have design it. I want a simple design that will allow for large pictures. I am hoping to not spend a whole lot on this so let me know which designer would be best for this. The second thing I need help with is the name. It’s definatley going to change. I have a few ideas in my head.
1.) The Whisk
2.) Just Jessica
3.) Generations in the Kitchen (I would get my mom to post with me)
4.) or any other suggestions you have

Thanks for letting me know what you think about these two things!